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Using freeancers to grow your agency with Shahar Erez

May 23, 2022

In this episode:

Julia of Review Robin sits down to chat with Shahar Erez who is the Co-founder & CEO of Stoke, an on-demand talent platform empowering companies to adopt a hybrid workforce model that scales as quickly and efficiently as needed. The platform provides a streamlined interface to make sure all your “non-employees” are operating according to policies, legal constraints and workforce classification.

During the interview we chat about the benefits of using freelancers to grow your agency, whether there are any risks involved with working with freelancers, and how Stoke Talent can help streamline your process of managing your freelancers to ensure all policies and legal constraints are being met.

In 2021, Stoke was acquired by Fiverr for $110M just 15 months after coming out of stealth mode.

Shahar is a tech-scene veteran and serial entrepreneur in Israel and Silicon Valley and has 20 years of executive experience in engineering, product and marketing under his belt at companies like HP, VMware and Kenshoo.


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Hosted by: Julia McLaughlin

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